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Mike Campbell

Lockdown Digital Single + Bandana

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Release Date: 01/06/2020

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Hi everyone,

Since we’re all keeping away from each other, I have been doing what I always do when I am home; writing and recording.

I came up with “Lockdown” for fun. Everyone around me (including my wife Marcie, who helped with the recording and shot the video footage) loved the song, so I’m putting it out for people to enjoy and to raise some money for Feed America. It feels good to do something positive to help in this time of crisis.

So we hope this gives you a smile and takes your mind off the dark times for a few minutes.

If you buy a bandana plus download the song for £16 / $20 or more you’ll be contributing to Feed America, and you can cover your face.

Either way, enjoy the music. It’s a proper rocker!

Thanks to Martin Pradler, Ryan Browne, Laurence Freedman and everyone who helped. Including the Dirty Knobs who are here in spirit!!

With love and hope,

Mike Campbell

(Note: Bandana will ship approx May 26th 2020, the download of 'Lockdown' is available immediately upon purchase)